Portland State University

Portland, OR, USA

Located in close proximity to downtown Portland, the new School of Business Administration is uniquely positioned to integrate with the city’s rich network of public open space and its diverse urban uses. The architectural brief called for a renovation to the existing 100,000sf, 1970s building and for the seamless integration of an additional 35,000sf.

Rejecting the singular building construction that dominates the 200' x 200' city blocks, the proposed design appears as two distinct buildings sharing a city block. This approach enhances the public realm by providing a more diverse streetscape and by reinvigorating existing links and creating new arteries between the urban center and its related pedestrian, transportation and park. The result creates many pedestrian-friendly and transparent opportunities for future development along 6th Avenue, Broadway and Montgomery Street.

Benefiting from a diverse program, the New School of Business Administration building is centered around a five-story atrium that is animated with activities. By arranging a variety of spaces – informal meeting and study areas, gardens, classrooms, business incubators, student spaces, faculty and administrative offices and retail – to maximize communication and connectivity, the space goes beyond a transitional corridor and creates community for the School, the University and the neighborhood.

A one-story grade differential between 6th Avenue and Broadway creates two ground levels, further heightening the activity within and around the building. These ground levels are populated with public oriented spaces to enhance what will become the central, interior gathering space for the University and the neighborhood’s civic events. This new social hub is expected to achieve LEED Gold status; continuing Portland State University's reputation as an institution dedicated to social, economic, and environmental sustainability while creating a welcome and inviting space within the campus fabric.



Portland, OR, USA


Portland State University


Behnisch Architekten, Boston SRG Partnership, Inc.


1825 SW Broadway
Portland, OR 97201






12.600 qm / 135,500 sq.ft.


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