February 8th, 2018: Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Neighborhood School in Lurup, Hamburg

On Thursday February 8th, Behnisch Architekten celebrated the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Neighborhood School in Lurup, Hamburg.

School Senator Ties Rabe, the headmaster of the school Joachim Hinz, as well as related parents and children, were celebrating with us and as a welcoming gesture, a small group of children entertained the audience with a drum performance. As a matter of fact part of the group consisted of children who enrolled in the school in 2014, the year in which the architecture competition has been issued.

The basic idea of lightness and openness are meant to stimulate the cooperation between students and teachers and become a main aspect for the school’s reputation. Furthermore the school is planned to be a “community school”, offering advice on education and creating leaning opportunities which are open to the public in the afternoon. The idea is to create an organism that co-exists with its surroundings and blending into the area by staggering volumes with a maximum of three levels into the area.

Photography: Matthias Greulich


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