June 11th, 2018: "Lunch and Information“ with Boris Schade-Bünsow and Ecophon

As our special guest for the first „Lunch and Information” lecture in Germany we welcomed Boris Schade-Bünsow chef editor from the Bauwelt magazine who had organized a seminar in cooperation with Ecophon on the topic “Activity Based Acoustic Design – A Human Perspective”.

The seminar was held by Rainer Machner from Ecophon Lübeck and his external consultant Anicee Carolyn Bauer from Design Studio D/DOCK Amsterdam followed by a workshop and sponsored lunch for all our participants. The “Lunch and Information” lecture has been a first time event - for us as well as for Bauwelt - and is going to be a new concept which allows architects to work even more closely with professionals of other special fields in order to gain more knowledge and experience.


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