1st prize for the Wohnquartier Stadtpark Gersthofen competition

27 July, 2022

We are excited to announce that our Behnisch Architekten team in Munich has won the competition for the Wohnquartier Stadtpark Gersthofen.

Directly adjacent to the square and the Town Hall, the existing park is to be replaced by a mixed, urban residential quarter and, as part of a large-scale replanning of the town center, implemented in a more accessible and usable location elsewhere. In addition to the desired high energy standard, the energy generation by photovoltaics, especially the quality open space design will play an important role for this sustainable neighborhood development.

Congrats to our awesome project team: Iulian Bindar, Sarina Eskandari, Georgy Frolov, Florian von Hayek, Maria Hirnsperger, Fanny L`Hostis and Robert Hösle.