1st prize for the Wunnebad Winnenden competition

10 December, 2018

Our Behnisch Architekten team in Stuttgart has won the competition for the expansion and restructuring of the Wunnebad Winnenden.

Built in 1992, the facility was the first of the multi purpose baths to be realized in the Stuttgart area. Over the years several other opened in the region, creating competition that is able to offer more variety and more modern services. The goal of the competition was to choose a project that would make the Wunnebad Winnenden able to compete with the modern structures.
Among the 11 participants allowed to take part in the competition the solutions that we adopted together with Andreas Peyker Landschaftsarchitektur resulted in the victory of our design whose main features are the creation of a new courtyard and entry, a new swimming pool for swim classes, new locker rooms for the outside facilities and a whole new sauna landscape and restaurant area.