Art by Heiner Blum at the KIT Energy Lab

28 October, 2020

Art on buildings: Concept artist Heiner Blum has applied 12 graphics to a transparent glass wall at the Kit Energy Lab at the campus in Eggenstein- Leopoldshafen.

In the research lab, the interaction of components for future energy systems is being researched, especially with regard to the integration of renewable energies. The wall separates the research area and the office wing from each other and at the same time allows insights into what is happening. Blum, a Professor of Experimental Spatial Concepts at the Offenbach College of Design, has designed 12 icons that can be related to the subject areas of people, technology, energy and networking.

On a superordinate, abstracted level, they symbolize the field of work as "philosophical-iconographic super-signs". Speech bubbles, sockets, houses, spark, clock face, networking, flame, heart, human being, hand axe, brain and hand – these are the keywords the artist has symbolized in his icons. The graphics are applied in sandblasting technique.