Digital Talk: Building smart – doing more with less

11 March, 2022

How can we succeed in living better with less? How can architects help reduce negative impacts on the environment through a smart building approach? In the Behnisch Architekten Beer & Chips Lecture Series, we explore multitude of factors that could lead to a more sustainable construction process, particularly in the residential sector. Throughout Europe many office and industrial buildings are presently vacant –converting them into much-needed housing is an obvious option, but above all a higher intensity of use, i.e., a reduction in the available per capita space in apartments, can also provide an appropriate remedy. Students of the master's program at HEIA Fribourg have created forward-looking designs under the supervision of Professor Florinel Radu and the guest critique of Angie Müller-Puch, Partner Behnisch Architekten, and will present their ideas during the digital event.

You are cordially invited to attend the digital presentation and lecture on this exciting and pressing topic.

When: March 14, 2022, 5:00 pm (CET)
Where: Virtual. Click here to join the event