"Wood's Up!" - GREAT OPENING at Aedes Architecture Forum!

09 April, 2024

Over 500 visitors attended the opening in the AEDES Gallery in Berlin on Friday, April 5. Our residential building Ingolstadt-Hollerstauden is showcased in the exhibition "Wood's Up!- The Rise of Timber", which will run through May 22.

The exhibition focuses on timber’s resurgence in the construction industry due to global warming, presenting 16 completed and upcoming timber buildings that highlight the use of wood in architecture.

Our project features a central glass atrium that acts as the focal point around which individual units are clustered. This atrium serves a dual purpose: as a climate buffer, allowing outside air to be preheated in winter, and as a communal space that encourages interactions and contributes to a vibrant neighborhood. Additionally, our commitment to sustainability is reflected in the design of flexible apartments equipped with “switch-rooms“ that enable two units to connect should the needs of future residents evolve.

If you are in Berlin, stop by the Aedes Architecture Forum to visit the exhibition "Wood's Up!”.
Photos: Erik-Jan Ouwerkerk