Exhibition: SPURENSUCHE on the 100th birthday of Günter Behnisch

04 July, 2022

Günter Behnisch would have turned 100 in June 2022. For 20 years - from 1967 to 1987 - he taught as a professor of design, industrial construction and building design at the TU Darmstadt and shaped generations of architects with his attitude.

His buildings show how a basic democratic attitude can also be articulated in the language of architecture and how social commitments can be expressed through buildings. Freedom and lightness make former architectural stylistic devices for power, dominance and strength seem superfluous. The buildings for the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich and the Bundestag in Bonn are examples of his work, as are the numerous school buildings.

What traces did Behnisch leave behind at our department? What distinguished him in teaching? As part of a seminar in the summer semester of 2022, we went together in search of traces in our own building. Are there still documents? Who else knew him? Who studied with him? What can we find? In the end, this exhibition contribution for the Kuhle was created, which directs our gaze to his time at the TU Darmstadt and makes the traces visible.

Source: Technische Universität Darmstadt

Opening: 7 July, 6 p.m. (Stefan Behnisch will give a speech, Max-Guther-Hörsaal, L3/01 Raum 93)
Duration: 7 July – 19 October 2022

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Meeting-ID: 696 4929 0980
Kenncode: 742188

Fachbereich Architektur der TU Darmstadt
Campus Lichtwiese
L3/01 Kuhle und 1. OG
El-Lissitzky-Straße 1
64287 Darmstadt