Gotthard-Müller School – Winner of the Brillux Design Award

29 November, 2022

In September, the Brillux Design Awards 2021 were presented at the LWL Museum für Kunst und Kultur in Münster. We are very pleased to have been awarded the prize for our project Gotthard-Müller School Bernhausen, Filderstadt in the category: Interior Concepts "Work". Stefan Rappold and Britta Rohlfing were present at the award ceremony and happily accepted the prize.

The 2020 completed school campus in Filderstadt, south of Stuttgart, comprising the Gotthard-Müller School, an affiliated sports hall, and the neighboring Fleinsbach School, was created as an architectural upgrade to be adapted to the demands of the new pedagogical concept, which features a form of “all-day school care.” The new building for the Gotthard-Müller elementary (Grundschule) and community school (Gemeinschaftsschule) accommodates two parallel classes in each grade, as well as an extension area catering to the Fleinsbach junior high school (Realschule) and a cafeteria for general student use—all integrated into a single school campus. The design is emphasized by the striking color scheme on the walls. Intense orange, yellow, green and earth tones create a lively and stimulating atmosphere, create identity and give character to the various learning zones.

Thanks to Brillux for the great evening. And congrats to the great project leaders Kyra Willems, Stefan Rappold, Florian Waller and the great competition team Olena Shvab, Angie Müller-Puch, Jorge Carvajal and Fabio Di Cecca. Also a big thank you to MW Form und Farbdesign, Hechingen and Sabine Reith from Brillux for the good cooperation and the professional advice.

Photos & Videos: © Brillux & © David Matthiessen Fotografie