“High-tech and low-tech solutions in architecture” By Stefan Behnisch and Ana Mercadé with Lara Pellegrini

01 March, 2024

Stefan Behnisch and Ana Mercadé share the construction details of the Science and Engineering Complex at Harvard University. The complex sets a new paradigm for research: it is designed to inspire learning and scientific discovery, while having a focus sustainability, and applies engineering to explore and provide solutions to the problems facing the world. They talk with Lara Pellegrini, general director of Cities, Building, Energy and Environment at SOCOTEC consultancy about high-tech and low-tech solutions in architecture. She is an expert in structural calculations and a leading voice on the role of engineering in the architectural field.

Foros is a curricular subject offered by the UIC Barcelona School of Architecture, and it has become a benchmark event for the academic and professional architecture community.

Thursday, 14 March 2024,
6.30 PM
IESE Business School - Barcelona Campus Norte -
Aula Magna: C/ Arnús i Garí 7,
08034 Barcelona

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