Lecture by Stefan Rappold: Bürostube oder Arbeitswelt - grenzenlose Flexibilität oder territorialer Verlust am Arbeitsplatz

13 March, 2019

Our Stuttgart Office partner, Stefan Rappold, will give a speech at the Stuttgart’s chapter of this year’s Blickfang design fair.

The demands of the modern workplace seem to change rapidly. The traditional single office could be only a few people’s prerogative.
The individually furbished “office room” is believed to be no longer suitable as a design module to be used in a modern working environment. Highly flexible office landscapes are advertised and terms such as “chill”, “huddle”, “meet”, “focus”, “perform” are supposed to fill the new “landscapes” with life.
These descriptions of the desired activities must be deciphered and understood in order to be able to transform them into an architectural basic concept.
How are our built environment, buildings, and the workplace itself, taking these new requirements into account?
The fair will begin on the 15th of March and end on the 17th while the lecture will take place on the 15th at 13:00 in the Vortragsforum.

The address is
Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Liederhalle
Berliner Pl. 1
70174 Stuttgart

For more information about the fair visit www.blickfang.com
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