Lecture by Stephan Leissle: Who is building Erlangen?—How townscapes are created.

07 May, 2019

Erlangen is currently developing and realizing large projects on various locations that will change and reshape its townscape and urban structure.

But who and what is behind before a new building or a new neighborhood develops? Who plans, owns, and operates these new “city components”? Which qualities do the open spaces feature and what influence do citizens, politics, and administration have? According to a press release from the Stadtmuseum Erlangen, the BDA lecture series “Wer baut Erlangen?” (“Who is building Erlangen?”) will take a look at the planning process, the participants involved, and their cooperation using the example of current and prominent planning in Erlangen.

Stephan Leissle from Behnisch Architekten München will present the project “Neubau Bürger-, Begegnungs- und Gesundheitszentrum (BBGZ)” at Hartmannstrasse in Erlangen on Thursday, May 9, at 7 p.m. in the Stadtmuseum Erlangen, Martin-Luther-Platz 9, 91054 Erlangen.