New partners at Behnisch Architekten

20 February, 2023

Behnisch Architekten is expanding its partnership to include seven of its long-term architects as new partners: Michael Innerarity (Stuttgart), Christine Napolitano and Erik Hegre (Boston), Maria Hirnsperger, Florian von Hayek, and Stephan Leissle (Munich), and Angie Müller-Puch (Weimar).

Current partners Stefan Behnisch, Robert Hösle, Matt Noblett, Kristi Paulson, Stefan Rappold, and Jörg Usinger are greatly looking forward to working together with the new members of the partnership. Their creative contributions and expertise will continue to invigorate the practice's collaborative studio culture, while providing a broad base of leadership across the five locations.

Find out more about our new partners:

Stuttgart: Michael Innerarity. Boston :Christine Napolitano, Erik Hegre. Munich: Maria Hirnsperger, Florian von Hayek, Stephan Leissle. Weimar: Angie Müller-Puch