Office Sustainability Survey

23 September, 2021

Climate-friendly construction reduces the carbon footprint in the building sector. At Behnisch Architekten, we've been putting sustainable concerns at the center of our designs since our office was founded and – with the help of a holistic approach – we create long-lasting buildings tailored to the culture and climate of each location.
But we don't just build sustainably designed buildings; last year, we also analyzed our own office buildings in Stuttgart, Munich, Boston and Los Angeles for energy consumption and savings opportunities.

The aim is to improve our own behavior. But to do this, it was first necessary to document and analyze the current situation. Heating systems, electricity consumption, means of transport and office supplies were all put to the test. We had already initiated fundamental changes some time ago: In Stuttgart, we succeeded in optimizing the heating and cooling system on the basis of geothermal energy; in Boston, new windows and better shading contributed to the improvement. We have created our own on-site charging stations and use electric cars as company cars; our employees like to come to work on electric bikes.

But the development is moving forward: We want to make an even greater contribution to reducing our carbon footprint. WE NEED TO CHANGE. And we are convinced: WE CAN DO BETTER.