Paul-Winter School – Winner of the Brillux Design Award 2023

07 November, 2023

The role of color, especially in school buildings, plays an important role: it not only offers orientation, but supports the pedagogic concept, accentuates spaces and helps to foster a sense of community. In the case of the Paul-Winter School, we developed a color concept to differentiate particular programs: classrooms are warm and friendly; the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) areas, with their shades of pastel blue, are cool and clean; vibrant purple invigorates the art spaces; the administration wing is representative with its subdued red; the locker rooms of the sports hall are playfully green. In addition, each of the six learning clusters has its own color that extends out from the interior spaces to clearly mark their entrances, allowing students to easily find their way and to identify with their learning spaces.

For this comprehensive approach to color at the Paul-Winter School, we just received the Brillux Design Award.

Photos: © Brillux