Renovation of the Hohenstaufen Secondary School in Göppingen

18 January, 2019

Completed in 1959 and designed by Günter Behnisch in collaboration with Bruno Lambart, the Hohenstaufen Secondary School in Göppingen, Germany, established a new architectural language.

The construction of schools, one of the main tasks of the reconstruction after the Second World War, has been from the beginning a focus of activity for both Günter Behnisch’s and Bruno Lambart’s office, which were at this point of their careers at their 7th school.
Pioneering the transition from traditional construction to the assembly of prefabricated elements, its design and its constructive candor place the building in the current of the post-war modernism also expressing the democratic building attitude typical of the 50s with its transparent architecture and its cautious style and at the same time staying away from usual cubic shapes.

The building is under preservation order since 2015, one year later the City Council of the city of Göppingen approved the renovation. A classroom prototype will be built in summer 2019 and tested through a winter and summer period until 2020. The design will start in 2020 and go on until 2021 when a temporary structure will be built to house the students until autumn 2023, the expected date of completion.