Sonnensegel in Dortmund's Westfalenpark by Günter Behnisch shines in "original" splendor

25 October, 2021

We are very pleased that, with the financial support of the Wüstenrot Foundation, the Sonnensegel (sunshading sail) in Dortmund's Westfalenpark has been saved from destruction and renovated in a manner befitting a historic monument.

Originally planned to be used only temporarily on the occasion of the Federal Garden Show Euroflor 1969, the tensile stressed wooden structure was commissioned by the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Holz e.V. and designed by Behnisch & Partner in collaboration with the engineers Julius Natterer and Günter Scholz. It is considered an outstanding example of the experimental wooden buildings of the 1960s and was created in connection with the search for a structural solution for the Munich Olympic roof. Frei Otto's canvas structures and four-point sails were the inspiration for the design. We would like to thank all the planners involved, especially Philip Kurz (Wüstenrot Foundation), Thorsten Helbig (knippershelbig), Gunnar Ramsfjell (HWR Architects) and the City of Dortmund, who worked four years realizing the restauration with great commitment and passion.

Photos: Hans Jürgen Landes © Wüstenrot Stiftung