"Symposium – Sustainable school building" with Stefan Behnisch

17 April, 2024

Sustainability plays a crucial role in school construction. As Michel de Montaigne famously said “I should paint the school with pictures of joy and gladness." That where their profit is they might there have their pleasure too.” Hence, the significance of architectural quality and sustainability in school buildings cannot be overstated. But what does sustainability mean in this context and how can we ensure that schools do not become high-tech learning machines despite all their requirements? The aim of the symposium is to reflect on these questions and highlight different approaches through exceptional case studies from Germany and beyond.

Join us at the „Symposium - Zukunftsfähiger Schulbau“ with Stefan Behnisch and 11 other speakers.

April 29, 2024
13:00 - 21:00 PM
Theaterhaus Stuttgart

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