Topping out Ceremony – Sportpark Ost Regensburg

03 October, 2023

On Tuesday, 26 September, Stadtwerk Regensburg, as the developer, invited guests to the topping-out ceremony on the site of the former Prinz Leopold barracks in Zeißstraße in Regensburg. The Stadtwerk was commissioned by the city of Regensburg to build and later operate the sports park.

Almost exactly 13 months after the groundbreaking ceremony, Christopher Kunze from Vollack Stahlbau announced the traditional topping-out ceremony at the Sportpark Ost construction site. With this, the construction enters a new phase, now that the shell and steel construction work has largely been completed. Work is currently underway on the building envelope so that by the turn of the year the building will be tight, the interior work can start and the building services can be installed. "I am impressed by how quickly the construction work is progressing," explains Lord Mayor Gertrud Maltz-Schwarzfischer on the occasion of the topping-out ceremony. "You can already clearly see that a great sports park with swimming pool and athletics hall is being built here, a great offer for sports clubs and the people of our city." Manfred Koller, Managing Director of das Stadtwerk.Regensburg, is also very satisfied with the progress of construction so far: "From the planning to the awarding of the individual trades and the progressing work, everything is currently running like clockwork. Many thanks for this to everyone involved." The construction of the Sportpark Ost is being subsidised with 4.6 million euros from the KfW programme for efficient construction by the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau. "The funding is only given to projects that are characterised by an energy-optimised construction method and systems technology. Here we have more than done our homework and set standards for the building of the future with a well thought-out and sustainable approach," says Koller.

A sustainable building site
Up to 6,000 cubic metres of recycled concrete were used in the construction of the Sportpark Ost. On average, the proportion of recycled concrete in all building components is around 40 percent. The material came from the demolished barracks buildings and was transformed into new building material in the immediate vicinity of the construction site. Stud walls of the façades including boarding, the supporting structure and the ceiling of the swimming hall are made of the renewable raw material wood.

Sustainable operation planned
The energy for the heat supply in the Sportpark Ost will be generated 100 per cent CO2-neutrally via collector fields above the car park areas and temporarily stored in a 500 cubic metre buffer tank. Seasonal peaks in consumption can be covered by a wood chip heating system. Electricity is generated directly on the hall roofs. A rainwater cistern with a capacity of 20 cubic metres will collect precipitation from the roof surface and irrigate the green facades and the sports lawns. Intelligent lighting design will also bring as much daylight as possible into the interior rooms and thus ensure direct electricity savings.

To the East Sports Park
On the site of the former Prinz Leopold barracks in Zeißstraße in Regensburg, an indoor swimming pool and an athletics training hall will be built by spring 2025. The indoor swimming pool will be open to all citizens. The coordinated pool and room offer is aimed at sporty swimming and swimming courses. The athletics training hall will be available for sportsmen and sportswomen from popular, school and competitive sports and also for the organisation of various sports competitions. A total of about 55 million euros will be invested in the construction.

Photos: © das Stadtwerk Regensburg.Bäder und Arenen; Fotograf Hanno Meier; Nachdruck frei