WAN Awards 2020: Gold for adidas ARENA and Bronze for the Y-Houses!

20 November, 2020

Great news: the adidas World of Sports ARENAreceived the GOLD medal in the category „Commercial“ of this year‘s WAN Award and Living in the Spinnereipark, Y-Houses BRONZE in the category „Residential“. We are very proud. Congratulations to the project teams!

The winners were announced on 19th November 2020 in a form of digital award ceremony, which is still online: https://www.worldarchitecturenews.com/awards/2020-entries

The jury’s feedback on the adidas ARENA was overwhelming:
„A dramatic representation of the brand - this building is sculptural but functional workplace that works for Adidas“
„A sophisticated exploration of environmental determinants resulting in an expressive and innovative building.“
„The open site and the brand as program allows the architecture to be autonomous. The expressive sculpture and the spatial experience are perfectly coordinated and speaking of confluence, ascending and unification from ground level to the upper levels. A truly remarkable piece of architecture through which spontaneity and rationality are united through magic of space work and innovation of structure.“
„A dynamic, exciting and dramatic campus building. I loved the way the building engages with the landscape. The logic of the planning diagram. A beautifully simple 'kit of parts' screen façade system gives the project a branded identity that reflects the image of the brand it represents.“