Behnisch Architekten provides winning entry: masterplan for Steinfurt campus of FH Münster

21 September, 2020

The Münster University of Applied Sciences (FH Münster) intends to restructure its campus in Steinfurt. The structural condition of the existing buildings no longer meets the requirements of a modern educational institution. Additional space will also be necessary to accommodate the constantly growing number of students as well as include premises that are currently being outsourced.

Behnisch Architekten has developed a future-oriented masterplan for a new campus, which in an overall concept preserves the existing building stock, reorganizes several individual functional areas and offers several additional outdoor facilities. Free spaces are staged in order to create an exciting and communicative "network" within the future campus. As a main, central element, a “communication and experience path” connects the individual clusters with each other. The masterplan will be realized in phases.

Photo: FH Münster Frederik Tebbe