30 Years of Behnisch Architekten – A voyage through time in nearly 1,800 pages

23 February, 2021

Celebrating three decades of practice, we are proud to announce a retrospective of our work, 30 Years of Behnisch Architekten. Representing our innovative design legacy and experiences, the book features 66 built projects dating from 1996 through 2021, including several unrealized buildings.

The book traces the evolution of our firm and the fluidity in our professional collaborations. Founded in 1989 as the “downtown branch” of Behnisch & Partner and initially led by Günter and Stefan Behnisch together with Manfred Sabatke, we adopted various names and partners, settling on Behnisch Architekten in 2005.

In our four German and American studios located in Stuttgart, Boston, Munich, and Los Angeles, the name Architekten reflects our German roots. Today, partners include Stefan Behnisch with Robert Matthew Noblett (Boston), Robert Hösle (Munich), Stefan Rappold and Jörg Usinger (Stuttgart), Kristi Paulson (Los Angeles), and Petra Behnisch (partner in Behnisch Architekten Planungsgesellschaft mbH). In these locations, a total of around 130 colleagues from almost 20 different countries and various cultures work in close collaboration. Each works independently on their respective projects, but they act together as one office, constantly exchanging concepts and ideas.

“While we work across cultural and geographic borders, we are an office with shared convictions characterized by mutual respect. Open interaction and democratic, tolerant, and understanding ideals guide us,” said Stefan Behnisch. “We are driven by the content-related challenges that we encounter, rather than formal dictates. Finding good and innovative solutions is only possible for us through dialogue, discourse, and process. Our focus is on people and their world of experience, as well as on a sustainable use of resources. This combination gives rise to a diverse, social architecture, which we in turn repeatedly question, check, and develop for specific locations and purposes.”

Thanks to everyone who has accompanied and inspired us on our 30-year-plus journey and to those who will embark on new adventures and experiments with us in the future to contribute to a more sustainable and livable built environment.

Take a look into the book.