Institute of Telecommunications of Portugal

Barcarena, Portugal

The ICP, which was located in various facilities in the centre of Lisbon, a large, bustling city whose attractions and amenities lie just outside the front door, required a new central headquarters complex outside of the city, in the countryside near the town of Barcarena. In their new workplace, employees may long for the rich life of Lisbon. As the intense life of the city cannot be recreated in the countryside, the new location must provide as diverse a range of attractions as the current urban setting and compensate through other qualities.

The park proposed here has grown out of a geometrical structure of the kind that is exemplified in the prints of Paul Klee. Such graphic forms are balanced, but not exclusive. They appear as if they are capable of continually altering themselves. Contours and fields can take on diverse functions. materials and appearances. The evolution can be linear, superficial, or spatial. From a line can come a surface; from a plane, a space. From the whole can come the particular.



Barcarena, Portugal


Instituto das Comunicações de Portugal


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