Swimming Pool Complex

Deggendorf, Germany

Extract from the competition entry:
“The parkland site is situated in the meadows of the Bogenbach. The greenery of the trees and meadows, the undulating topography and the paths along the banks of the stream are to be retained and will be restored where weak interventions have taken place. This landscape shall accompany the stream to its mouth with the Danube. The swimming pool complex is proposed as a striking spot in the stream landscape, where the meadow opens out into a park close by the former mental home.

The free composition of the swimming pools will take up, overlay and enrich the natural order of the park without disturbing the environment. The character of the pools is intended to be light, bright and open. The trees, meadows and paths are maintained and integrated. They form – together with the topography and the stream – a spacious natural zone.

Around the swimming pools the spaces and paths of a new landscape can be developed in a more differenciated manner and enriched by architectural elements, art or designed plantings.

The constructed elements are to be more closely connected with the park than with the city, especially in their appearence, and should be encouraged to grow like the flowers on a meadow,flowers which enrich their surroundings by their beauty, colour and aroma. Similarly the elements of the overall composition can be seen as pieces of jewellery laid out in the park, for example the entrance, the winter garden, the cafeteria, the footbridge, the pools etc.”



Deggendorf, Germany


Stadtwerke Deggendorf


Behnisch, Behnisch & Partner