Multifunctional Sports and Event Centre

Stuttgart, Germany

The new hall proposed by the architects emerges from a raised platform, the concourse, which links it with the existing “Schleyerhalle” at entrance level. Visitors approaching the hall pass the concourse with its many attractions on top of the ‘service area’ and access the halls from a common entrance area at the level of the middle stand. Various shops, ticket boxes, small restaurants, snack bars, merchandise shops and other attractions turn the concourse into an animated focal point of the complex.

Outside the hall there is enough room for various sports facilities, for instance a half-pipe, a climbing wall or rock, a water basin (which can be used as a skating rink in winter), plus one or two specialist sports shops.

Thanks to these features the whole area may develop into a kind of ‘urban entertainment centre’ where people – not necessarily only visitors of the hall – can spend their leisure time with numerous activities.



Stuttgart, Germany


Stuttgarter Messe und Kongress GmbH


Behnisch, Behnisch & Partner


1999, 2nd prize