North Point

Cambridge, MA, USA

The brief asks for a flexible office and laboratory building. The building should function and be suitable for one tenant, but also for various tenants. On first sight, this seems solely to be an organizational task. But the architectural challenges for such a task are much more apparent.

The new building Parcel N will belocated in an interesting situation of the city pattern. A T-line Station, an elevated highway, the new green and the neighboring streets are the immediate vicinity. The situation and orientation allows for a connection to the Skyline of the Boston Financial District further away.

In the vicinity, within walking distance, are attractions such as the Science Museum, the banks and parks of the Charles River, the Kendall Square of Cambridge, MIT and the new development Kendall Square with its central park.

The building has an exciting location and will, partly caused by its location, play an important role in the city pattern.


Cambridge, MA, USA


Spaulding & Slye Colliers


Behnisch, Behnisch & Partner


North Park Blvd / North Street
Cambridge, MA


2003, 1st prize