Congress and Entertainment Center

Wünsdorf, Germany

Behnisch Architekten won first prize in a competition for a Congress and Entertainment Center in Wünsdorf near Berlin. The firm was invited, together with five other teams, to develop a design proposal which should complement the nearby Sports, Health and Science Park under planning.

The site is close to a private university and a private sports school for some 6,500 students. At present they have no events or conference facilities and will in future be able to use the new center.

The design proposal by Behnisch Architekten responds to the manifold demands on such a center by offering a variety of spaces. The exterior rectilinear form of the large hall is complemented by break-out spaces and support facilities which afford the complex the necessary flexibility and respond to the scale of the surroundings.


Wünsdorf, Germany


Behnisch Architekten, Stuttgart


Hauptallee / Moscheestrasse


2005, 1st prize