Civic Center of Licheng District

Jinan, People's Republic of China

The six million city of Jinan, around 300 km away from Beijing, plans to build a new Civic Centre with buildings for the local government, a congress centre and a five-star hotel. Some 10,000 people will work there. The winning competition by Behnisch Architekten proposes various houses of different height which develop in response to the surrounding hills.

Several measures are proposed in order to create a special place by taking the local conditions into account. A tailor-made solution was developed which confers a unique and unmistakable character upon the new Tangye district.


Jinan, People's Republic of China


Government of Jinan


Behnisch Architekten, Stuttgart with Harder III Stumpfl Architekten


Licheng District
Jinan, Shandong


2006, 1st prize