Re-Design Kronprinzstraße

Stuttgart, Germany

Kronprinzstraße runs parallel to Königstraße, the main shopping road and pedestrian thoroughfare in Stuttgart’s city centre. Königstraße and most of the adjacent streets are defined by their usages and their specific appearance, while Kronprinzstraße lacks a sense of place. It is not dense enough to be a shopping boulevard, it is too wide for a cosy pedestrian area, too standoffish for an “urban living room”, but too precious to serve only as a traffic thoroughfare in this central district. Therefore, a solution has to be found to develop a clear function and appearance to this urban space and confer a clear identity on Kronprinzstraße.

First of all, traffic must be re-routed to turn Kronprinzstraße into a pedestrian road with only delivery access. The proposed street paving with its organic design creates a unique and eye-catching appearance. The meandering pattern and differentiated colours and textures underline the dynamism of this public space and calls out different functions such as outdoor cafés, restaurants, playgrounds for children. The existing height difference of ca. 1,5 m between the building edges can be used to create raised areas and steps where people can sit. Water fountains in some sectors of the meander paving give Kronprinzstraße a fresh atmosphere in this pedestrian zone.


Stuttgart, Germany


Stadt Stuttgart Tiefbauamt


Behnisch Architekten, Stuttgart




Direct commission for design proposal 2006-2007