IIT House of the Future

Chicago, IL, USA

Serving as a model “Green Unit”, The “House of the Future” is meant to be part of the Sustainable Village project of the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) in Chicago. Located on the famous Miesian IIT-Campus, the cubic outer form of the building adapts to the geometrical grid of the surrounding.

The House of the Future (HOF) is designed to be the first fully sustainable building on the campus defining the use and efficiency of new materials for its facade and its interior structure. The highly integrated facade system – developed specifically for this project, its location structure and its use- is the central part of a progressive and ecological energy concept.

The configuration of walls and floors in the open space is part of an elaborate natural daylight enhancement strategy to reflect light throughout the building and exposition space. During the day, natural sunlight will be reflected into the subterranean level, and as evening approaches the building shifts into a luminous lantern, using only a few light sources from the interior.

The overlay of the interior space and the pattern of the external skin make the building a highly complex structure. This complexity can not only be experienced by the user of the building from the inside, but is also evident in the outer appearance of the HOF. The combination of the inner and outer system forms a distinct characteristic image. Different lighting situations of the interior spaces support this impression.


Chicago, IL, USA


Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL


Behnisch Architekten, Los Angeles


IIT Campus
Chicago, IL


Request for qualification 2006