Urban Development Flacara

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

The ‚Flacara’ site in the centre of Cluj-Napoca (Romania) is to be redeveloped. Both the site and prominent location in the northern part of the historic city centre make this one of the most important developments in the region and undoubtedly lend the project special status. If the city grows as currently indicated then the project may be used to set important precedents.

It is clear that any development of this magnitude must be carefully integrated into the existing urban fabric.

Although such a development may radically alter the city skyline, both its internal structure and particularly the range of amenities over the lower floor levels must respect both the diversity and character of the immediate surroundings. The simple rectilinear form and orientation of the neighbouring buildings provide clues to the disposition of program across the site.

Responding to the required distances around the boundary of the site the proposed buildings rise, through a series of steps, in the form of four different towers to create an elegant sculptural composition with a high point in excess of twenty stories at the centre of the site. All four towers are orientated north / south which reduces visual impact when seen from the city centre and to allow for optimum east / west orientation of apartments.

The location of the four towers and their shared plinth effectively divide the site into two. With the commercial / retail to the north and the residential component benefiting from access to the sun, views across the historic city centre and generous inner city public gardens are afforded.The narrow plan form of the towers ensure the development of optimum daylighting levels and afford an important degree of flexibility. As market conditions continue to fluctuate then such a structure can allow for either office or residential use.

A range of different types of apartments can easily be accommodated within the proposed structure with larger ‘townhouse’-like units and penthouses benefiting from private roof gardens / terraces whilst other units are afforded balconies or sheltered loggia / wintergardens.


Cluj-Napoca, Romania


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Behnisch Architekten, Stuttgart