Smart-City Straulesti

Bucharest, Romania

Romanian mega towns are developing at an incredible rate. In response, Romania faces a rapid need for additional residential districts, leisure, sports and cultural facilities, as well as commercial buildings. By requiring a detailed master plan, the client, Immorent, has already done much to foster the development of a vibrant cultural district. A strong residential population, however, is also necessary for urban life to take root and flourish.

To help stimulate stronger residential communities in Bucharest, our strategy for SMART-City STRAULESTI places an emphasis on people and the quality of urban life. It aspires to create a wide range of opportunities for citizens of all ages to enjoy living and working. The strategy organizes individual houses into reasonably sized neighbourhoods. These city districts are scaled to relate to human activities and are located in green environments. Building groups are compact and dense, leaving sufficient space for generous interior courtyards.

The heights of the districts vary from 11 to 14 floors in the northwest areas, but have a maximum of only four floors in the southeast zones. Buildings in the north will include a residential hall for students and several hotels that are linked to the district by a boulevard. The central and eastern parts of the project are mainly reserved for residential buildings integrated in the lush, landscaped areas around Herastrau Lake.

The thirty story high main building of the SMART City STRAULESTI is the highest building in the district. To the north and east, the proposed buildings are reduced in height and rise to a maximum of fourteen stories. To the southeast, the buildings are as low as four stories.

The development is conceived of as a rich and varied tapestry that promotes different forms of working and living in an urban environment. Diverse building types offer an equally diverse range of working options, and each building is designed to take advantage of its unique situation. Extensive glazing, flexible and contemporary unit plans and the sophisticated deployment of sustainable design features ensure an extraordinary degree of innovation and comfort.


Bucharest, Romania


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