Headquarter Building for Daimler AG

Stuttgart, Germany

The new headquarter building for the car manufacturer Daimler is situated in the centre of the manufacturing site in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim and presents itself as the core of a dynamic, modern global enterprise. The tower looks light, transparent, open, green and inviting, and affords visual relationships to its surroundings. It houses future-oriented working environments and demonstrates the responsible use of the world’s natural resources.

A complex, light-flooded atrium with generous interior gardens and stairs stretches through the building and links its various levels. The atrium offers meeting places for both staff and visitors, as well as space for informal, interdisciplinary encounters. Beyond this, the atrium is essential to the building’s climate concept: exhaust air is removed via the atrium, heating it during winter months.

The building has positive impacts on the micro-climate of the Neckar valley. Its location parallel to the wind direction in the valley ensures that winds can pass unhampered.

The energy concept aims at minimising energy requirements while optimising user comfort.

A specifically developed façade type supports natural ventilation and lighting and includes the following components:

Glare-free natural lighting
Draft-free natural ventilation
De-centralised ventilation elements as integral façade elements in combination with flaps for natural ventilation
Fixed sun-shading devices / daylight directioning in combination with interior glare-protection
Up-to-date glazing technology (vacuum glass combined with selective coating).


Stuttgart, Germany


Daimler AG, Stuttgart


Behnisch Architekten, Stuttgart