Re:Vision Dallas

Dallas, TX, USA

Urban living provides an essential opportunity for people of all ages to come together and communicate in a way which is typically unseen in low-density areas. For Re:Vision DALLAS, the aim is to create a “city within the city” where a rich unit mix provides a three-dimensional layout; increasing exposure between various neighbors and their differing lifestyles and economics.

Social ecology and internal building neighborhoods are supported through programmatic coupling, that is to say locating destination program so that it can interact with emergent program. Elements which are often designed as auxiliary spaces such as laundry rooms or community spaces are celebrated by flooding them with light and coupling them with our six neighborhood roof terraces, or emergent program. All spaces are accessible by naturally lit staircases where upon arrival for instance, parents can watch their children play in the garden while they interact with their peers.

Today there is a worldwide trend in the changing character of cities from their industrial roots to a place for optional recreation and leisure. However this trend places a very high demand on the quality offered by the public realm. If the quality is missing, people will not come--they have many other interesting options open to them. However, if the public spaces are well-placed, well designed and inviting, evidence from all over the world points to the fact that people continue to appreciate public life in public spaces (with active streets, squares and parks). Thus if lively, attractive, and safe cities are to be realized in the 21st century, positive pedestrian qualities are vital and must be addressed. In the end, if the invitation is right, people will visit the place!


Dallas, TX, USA


Behnisch Architekten, Los Angeles