Extension and Redevelopment, Europäischer Hof

Baden-Baden, Germany

The hotel "Europäischer Hof“ is situated in the centre of Baden-Baden, right next to the park and opposite the famous Casino. Completed 165 years ago and since extended, with the addition of several neighbouring buildings, today its historic flair and special location are key contributors to the charm and the unmatched atmosphere of this place. Originally planned as a free-standing building, the hotel gradually developed, through a series of additions and annexes, into a large-scale building complex which will now be renovated and completely reorganized.

The piecemeal, 20th century extensions and linking elements will be removed and replaced by coherent, contemporary structures that deliberately contrast with the historical architecture. The restoration measures are intended to highlight the historic qualities of the original setting and to foster a complementary relationship between old and new. The open, interior courtyard, used as an entrance and delivery yard, will become the hotel lobby. The new hub stretches along a publicly accessible passageway, which opens to the city and the park. It is the heart of the complex and linking element to the reception, the restaurant and the shopping mall.

The 20th century building elements along Luisenstraße and around the existing courtyard, as well as the building Luisenstraße 3 will be replaced by a 4 storey element along Luisenstraße and 5 storey tower facing the court.

The ground floor level of the new building will be occupied by retail and the reception. The upper floors will accommodate the new hotel rooms, modern in their design. Narrow, dark existing courtyards will be replaced by an open, naturally lit structure affording beautiful vistas both through the building and outside to the city and the park beyond.

All new building parts; the roofing, the façade and the courtyard roof, are united with a language of generous glazed and metal planes, setting a prominent and clearly modern accent in the historical environment of the complex. The design concept does not distinguish between façade and roof, as in Baden-Baden’s vivid topography, with its many vantage points, the roof can be interpreted as a fifth facade.



Baden-Baden, Germany


Deutsche Land (Baden-Baden) B.V. / Dinu Patriciu Global Services


Behnisch Architekten, Stuttgart


Kaiserallee 2
76530 Baden-Baden