New Taipei City Museum of Contemporary Art

New Taipei City, Taiwan

Viewing art is not an isolated experience. The principle for the new Contemporary Art Museum is for art to be experienced through a multitude of perspectives and perceptions. Views change, rooms change and thus perception is altered. In order for art to take on a lifestyle quality it needs to be accessible. Contemporary art should be able to be viewed from outside in, from across the landscape, from above, from below and through a series of lenses, both visual and cultural.

The interior exhibition spaces are linked through subtle ramping of the floor plates yet these floors branch off as independent museum zones. This basic spatial condition creates flexibility with very little need to move partitions and the branches can be linked together in order to combine exhibit rooms.

Site Idea
The unique park setting between the Dahan River and the Yingge Township provides the opportunity for the new museum to connect and enhance the relationship between the city, park and river. The city is at the level of +50 meters and the park is approximately at +40 meters. With this in mind, the Yingge Township is connected to the museum via a bridge over Huan-he Road, linking visitors to the site through a +50 meter exterior public concourse. At this level the arcade shops and restaurants can be utilized through a series of exterior pathways thus creating a museum marketplace. The market can be in operation independently from the museum and can serve as a night market in the park.

The park maintains its connection under the museum between the Art Theme Park and the Ceramic Sculpture Park. Bike paths and walking paths also continue under the museum where the building itself lightly touches the ground at the large exhibit room for the permanent collection. Park visitors will be able to see this exhibit room from the park ground, thus revealing aspects of the museum. The grand light well from the museum extends down to the park level bringing natural light.

Environmental Idea
Given that Taipei’s environment is often warm and humid, it is important to manage these conditions inside a museum. Our first proposal is to use water walls both inside and outside of the museum. The exterior water wall is located inside the light well and will cool the marketplace air. The second water wall is located in the museum lobby and cascades three floors. This wall will temper the humid air and the heat. Once inside the museum, chilled slabs continue to cool the interior space. Ventilation is important in order to keep the air moving.


New Taipei City, Taiwan


New Taipei City Government


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