Indoor Swimming Pool and Leisure Pool

Freising, Germany

The location of the new indoor swimming pool and leisure pool has had a long bathing tradition. Located at the open air pool in Freising, Bavaria, it’s characterized by the lush greenery and mature trees.

The human scale and the surrounding landscape are both dominant aspects of the design concept. It can be described as a topographic architecture, playfully connecting existing green areas. Hence the building becomes an extension of the landscape.

A curved green roof with generous sky lights embraces the functions of the indoor swimming pool on ground floor level. It also functions as an additional lawn for sunbathing that gradually steps down to the existing open air pool in the form of circular terraces that also protect the neighboring buildings from excess noise.

The different areas of the indoor swimming pool, the leisure pool and the sauna all appear differently in shape following their functional and technical requirements such as height, daylight and air conditioning. The sauna garden transports the picture of a ‘hortus conclusus’.

The Indoor Swimming Pool and Leisure Pool’s energy concept is part of its holistic design concept. Hence its air volume is planned as small as possible to achieve the optimum ratio of façade surface to volume, which implies less transmission heat losses and therefore less primary energy use and lower running costs. Further measures adopted include triple glazing, a decentral combined heat and power station, combined photovoltaic and solar heat elements on the roof as well as the maximized passive solar usage. The additional natural ventilation enables the mechanical ventilation usage to be limited to winter time only, which reduces its size to 30-40 %. Structural elements have been designed to provide enough shading during summer time.


Freising, Germany


Stadtwerke Freising


Behnisch Architekten, München


Am Schwimmbad 11
85356 Freising


2013, 2nd prize