Leisure Pool

Offenburg, Germany

The landscape design is characterised by its extraordinary surroundings. The location is favoured through the neighbouring urban park (Bürgerpark) and the green space alongside the Mühlbach stream.

According to this, any intervention into the open space must be done carefully. The design of the structures and the bathing platform allows most existing trees to be sustained. Bath and park interlock into a close urbanistic correlation. The pavilion-like structure blurs the bor-der between bathing area and park. Paths and vegetation are continued into the bath. The Steger-mattstrasse will be turned into a traffic-reduced square space, which stretches alongside the interface between the entrance and Bürgerpark. Resting areas, bicycle stands, bus stops and playgrounds are situated here.

Noise emissions as well as existing trees are considered in the composition of the different functional exterior areas. Noise intensive areas like swimming and adventure pools are arranged in the middle of the compound. A paddling pool, playgrounds and athletic grounds are situated in the south-west area. Their noise emissions are reduced by the railway embankment as well as through the green areas beside the Mühlbach and the parking area. Whereas quiet areas like a sunbathing area and a sauna garden are located seclusively in the eastern part – protected by the bathhouse and the dense vegetation alongside the property boundary.

The outside as well as the inside swimming pool are located on a shared bathing platform, merely divided by a glass façade. The landscape truly flows through bathing house and entrance area with consistent surface materials and continuous gentle level differences. Thus structure and exterior area melt down to a homogeneous formation.

The idea is not a building but rather the image of a single-story bathing landscape. Each function and attraction has its own very special designated area, harmonically embedded into a beautiful landscape. The façade is simply to be seen as thermal enclosure, a transparent façade which strengthens the impression of a bathing house surrounded by nature and trees; a light vitreous curtain.

The organically shaped protecting roof, with different heights, is simply the upper horizontal enclosure of the landscape. Generous skylights bathe the interior with additional daylight.


Offenburg, Germany


Stadt Offenburg


Behnisch Architekten, Stuttgart


Stegermattstraße 11
77652 Offenburg ‎


2013, 2nd prize