Lakeside and Open Air Pool Fischbach

Friedrichshafen-Fischbach, Germany

Fischbach’s existing lakeside and open air pool with direct access to the Lake Constance is a secluded oasis of recreation for guests and visitors. The existing swimming facilities however have fallen into a bad repair, so modernization and repair is economically not feasible.
The design of the swimming pool includes a differentiated composition of a one to two story building. Each use is playfully set on the plot and adapted to the specific requirements and their specific location. The interaction of these components will contribute to the revitalization of the open spaces. Overhanging roofs with implied cubes that are oriented to the outdoor area and horizontal roof lines at different heights support the idea of a lightweight architecture.

The facade of the summer dressing rooms will be clad in local larch woods, leading visitors from the car park to the main entrance. From the beach road the pedestrians and cyclists are led past the green facade of the plant section to the forecourt. The main entrance is staged by a widely projecting canopy and is clearly marked for all guests. The facades follow the individual requirements and are partially closed and partially transparent.

The design of the outdoor area benefits from the exceptional site and the location immediately beside the lake. In addition, a variety of large trees gives a natural character to the swimming pool. Therefore the intervention needs to be sensitive, so the arrangement and shape of the building structures allow maintaining most of the existing trees. The guests enter the outdoor pool on a platform that is slightly raised compared to the lawn and the pool. A series of seating steps, ramps and stairs negotiate the slight differences in level and separate the entrance area of the spa facilities.

The buildings elevated position opens up the panoramic view to the visitors. The view of the lake is emphasized by the visual axis arranged around the swimming pool . Two wooden walkways connect the lawn in the shore area.

The new swimming pool will enhance the recreational value of the site and the northern shore of the lake, without compromising the sensitive natural area.


Friedrichshafen-Fischbach, Germany


Stadt Friedrichshafen


Behnisch Architekten, Stuttgart


Strandbadstr. 11
88048 Friedrichshafen


2013, 5th prize