Gateway Gardens

Frankfurt, Germany

The building ensemble will act as a point of identification, a special stimulating object and an expansion to the entire surrounding area.

The “Gateway Gardens” will be situated in the northern part of the Airport surrounded by woods and green areas, overall covering a surface area of 47 acres. The skyscraper is designed to create a distinctive attraction to the area with a view of the Frankfurter Stadtwald and also the skyline of the city.

A public passage-way on the ground-floor enables a direct connection to the park. Shopping possibilities and restaurants, as well as other smaller businesses will be included in the park. The courtyard will be the central meeting point for the users. Different galleries, bridges and staircases act as connections between the spaces, as used in cities. Two-story connections including terraces and gardens create an even more charming ambience. These ideas combined together develop the whole concept of a lively city horizontally and vertically. Due to the view of the Frankfurter skyline and the direct connection to the park, the interweaving of the different workspaces with nature is optimized. On the top floors the individually separable office rooms are located and ideal light exposure is guaranteed.

The differentiation in the volumes creates a pleasant interplay of the facades and also emphasizes the contrast between the façade of the office with curtain-type lamellas and the transparent façade of the courtyard.

Aspects of sustainability such as energy efficiency, fitting material and quality of living are an especially important part of the concept. The building and the integrated energy concept react to the specific local requirements. Using a combination of active and passive measures, the usage of resources is minimized but at the same time the comfort is optimized.


Frankfurt, Germany


Grundstücksgesellschaft Gateway Gardens GmbH


Behnisch Architekten, Stuttgart