Masterplan Olympic Sailing Competitions 2024

Kiel, Germany

As partner of Hamburg, the applicant city for the Olympic Games 2024, Kiel will host the Olympic Sailing Competitions. Stefan Behnisch presented the feasibility study at the official conference hosted at the Council Hall of Kiel in early September.

Sense of purpose and sustainability are the main focus of the masterplan. In addition to the Olympic use the 1972 Olympic Centre Schilksee will be developed to become a more comprehensivly vital and diverse centre for life and maritime sports. It is the home of the annual Kiel Week, one of the world’s most important sailing events and the heart of the German sailing sport. Improvements to connectivity and better integration with the surrounding context will extend the offer of new attractions to local communities and visitors.

New buildings will only be constructed if their long-term usage after the Olympic Competition has been proven to be viable. Exterior as well as interior spaces will be optimized for their later use and designed for maximum comfort. All buildings will be constructed from materials with high environmental performance.

The proposal is for maximum self-sufficiency in terms of the supply and disposal of energy and resources for extensions and new buildings. Optimized for energy performance, utilizing the Baltic Sea as a heat source, and with a closed-loop water circuit, the first Olympic Sailing competitions could stand as an exemplar for similar facilities to be built in the future.



Kiel, Germany


Landeshauptstadt Kiel


Behnisch Architekten, Stuttgart


Feasibility study 2015