New Sports Hall on the Sports and Recreational Grounds Waldau

Stuttgart-Degerloch, Germany

As Stuttgart’s second biggest sports and recreational grounds situated on the green hills around Stuttgart, the Waldau – literally a clearing in the woods - offers a wide range of opportunities for physical activity and recreation.

As part of a long-term development scheme the construction of a triple sports hall was recommended, which would also include an indoor “landscape” for physical exercise, a multi-function room as well as a weight-lifting and exercise gym. The overall design concept could be complemented by an Action area for exercise, different kinds of facilities for new sports trends as well as a small outdoor sports pitch. Along the Georgiiweg the site of the architectural competition adjoins the Eiswelt figure skating complex and a secondary school. The ground which climbs in northerly direction makes for a topographically interesting location. The underlying design idea here is to make the special characteristics of the site part of the task set by the competition brief. Nevertheless the hall is inserted as a distinctive element, that hold its own in this context, to achieve the best solution for both, a bright day-lit sports and exercise venue as well as preserving the special character of the Waldau.


Stuttgart-Degerloch, Germany


Stadt Stuttgart


Behnisch Architekten, Stuttgart


6.887 qm / 74,104 sq.ft.


35.662 cbm / 1,259,404 cu.ft.


2015, 4th prize