BDC Mannheim

Mannheim, Germany

The University Clinic has existed in the Neckarstadt-Ost district of Mannheim since 1730. Over the years, new additions have complemented the complex and brought it up to date. The Mannheim Medical Technology Campus (MMT Campus) will be the centerpiece of a larger scheme to establish a medical technology industry cluster. A concept for the erection of different buildings across several phases of implementation has been devised for the rather mixed environment between the “Kesselhaus” (Boiler Room) in the southwest and the city’s main cemetery in the northeast, for which the Business Development Center (BDC) will function as the lighthouse project. To achieve this means that the historic “Kesselhaus” will need to be integrated, a connection will need to be established to the clinic and the concept will have to make clever use of the topography.

The new campus square will play a pivotal role as a kind of market square of communication. The salient characteristic of the new campus will be the sculpted landscape, which “hosts” the built structures and prevents individual structures from becoming too dominant and at the same time interconnects all buildings with the clinic. In this context the BDC will play a special role: it liaises between the clinic and the newly built campus. The upper floors of the BDC have flexible floorplans and accommodate 1, 3 or 8 user units per floor. The key idea here is that of interplay between enclosed spaces, which enable concentrated work, and more relaxed areas, with all spaces and areas benefitting from daylight.


Mannheim, Germany


Stadt Mannheim


Behnisch Architekten, Stuttgart


7.655 qm / 85,475 sq.ft.


31.000 cbm / 1,094,800 cu.ft.


2015, 3rd prize