Koelnmesse 3.0

Cologne, Germany

The extensive redevelopment of the exhibition halls and surrounding spaces of the Koelnmesse has made great contribution to its fine reputation. Ever since it is considered as one of the most attractive locations in Europe and is the fifth largest exhibition center in the world.

Apart from future maintenance and refurbishment programs, the Koelnmesse will be further extended by two additional buildings, the Halle 1plus and the CONVEX Halle, as well as a new entrance terminal acting as an east-west connection. The CONVEX is planned as a multifunctional space that can not only be used for exhibitions but also for conventions and other events. It provides a new identity to the Koelnmesse, connecting the exhibition halls visually with the historic city towards the west and the Messecity towards the south. The new Terminal works as an easy link between all the different halls which are partially connected by elevated paths and generous escalators. The exposure to natural sunlight, due to its glass shell, allows an interactive composition between interior and exterior. The idea is to create a sequence of rooms and pathways which clearly emphasize an ideal vision of a city with lively spaces, rooms for communication and gardens for relaxation.

The two new halls, placed on the west end of the link, create a new face to the famous Cologne Exhibition Center on the banks of the river Rhine.


Cologne, Germany


Koelnmesse GmbH


Behnisch Architekten, Stuttgart


79.759 qm / 858,206 sq.ft.


760.921 cbm / 26,871,925 cu.ft.


2015, Finalist