Salinarium Bad Duerkheim

Bad Duerkheim, Germany

Bad Duerkheim, a well-known spa town in Germany, intends to broaden the range of spa facilities and health-centered treatments on offer at the Salinarium Baths and Spa Center which has been in operation since 1984. The current main spa, with open-air pool and sauna situated on the upper floor, to a large extent no longer meets today’s standards for public baths and spas. Under the new general scheme the entry to the Center will be transformed into an attractively designed entrance area with a central concourse providing access to the whole spa. A connection will also be built to the hotel adjoining the town’s convention center in the east. The spacious thermal bath area with changing areas and bathrooms, a wide range of saunas and steam rooms including an outdoor sauna garden as well as attractive facilities for spa treatments, will round off the offering of the “Salinarium Plus”. The project will help the municipality to underscore its reputation as an important spa town, uphold tradition and strengthen the special character of the place.

The visual key theme is that of a ramification of different pathways, which, at its opposite end opens out onto an array of terraces offering visitors impressive views across the entire resort as well as the town. The terraces with their staggered and planted higher levels take their cue from the vineyard slopes around Bad Duerkheim which are so characteristic for the town. The sauna area - which is going to be moved to the third floor now – offers visitor plenty opportunities for relaxation and resting in different zones spilling across several terraces, all of which are protected against views from outside. An ambulatory with open-air terraces and changing rooms on the second floor brings visitors to the garden floor where various pools and relaxation areas playfully intermesh with the newly designed open areas and a thermal water garden.


Bad Duerkheim, Germany


Stadt Bad Duerkheim


Behnisch Architekten, Stuttgart


3.423 qm / 36,831 sq.ft.


18.411 cbm / 650,184 cu.ft.


2015, 2nd prize