Sports Dome

Hamburg, Germany

The new Sports Dome, located at the HafenCity in Hamburg, will provide space for many different types of sports and games. The initial idea is a flexible spatial structure with a loft-like character which evolves like an organism from within. A simple framework consisting of suspended levels and additional functional units creates the required activity areas, acting like a differentiated modular construction system adaptable for diverse requirements.
This new urban design component, adjacent to the Gerda-Gmelin square and the pedestrian bridge, appears visible as a solitaire and brings the interplay between public space and building to life.


Hamburg, Germany


PB Sports-Dome Management GmbH


Behnisch Architekten, Stuttgart


18.217 qm / 196.088 sq.ft.


64.366 cbm / 2.273.085 cu.ft.


2015, 3rd prize