Further development of the school area Bernhausen

Bernhausen, Germany

Filderstadt, a municipality situated in the south of Stuttgart has set itself the task of upgrading the architecture of the school premises comprising the existing Gotthard-Müller School and the Fleinsbach School in its Bernhausen district. The schools will also be developed with a new educational concept to prepare them for the requirements of the future.

The leitmotif of the architectural design is that of a lively school campus which provides a congenial setting within which the staff and students an work together individually. Educational ideas of bringing together cooperative and social learning styles are supported by a diverse range of learning environments which are set into a built context characterized by openly designed communicative spaces and differently configured classrooms and group rooms.


Bernhausen, Germany


Stadt Filderstadt


Behnisch Architekten, Stuttgart


6.567 qm / 70,687 sq.ft.


22.700 cbm / 801,651 cu.ft.


2016, 1st prize