City Hall Gröbenzell

Gröbenzell, Germany

The site for the planned new town hall building is situated in the town centre of Gröbenzell, surrounded by two churches and a public square that is used for markets and events. The community of Gröbenzell is a residential municipality. With its small-scale structure, set among greenery, it has the flair of a garden city. The immediate surroundings consist primarily of single-family and terraced houses.

For functional, economic and urban planning reasons, it does not make sense to preserve the existing town hall. The new building will be considerably larger, however at the same time it should not be overpowering in terms of scale. Protruding and recessed volumes, as well as differentiated building heights, ensure that the building is incorporated harmoniously into its surroundings.

In order to fulfil the wishes of the client, the new town hall should convey transparency, democracy and openness towards citizens’ concerns. On the one hand, it should be functional, while on the other hand it should appear as a special and particularly important public building. The building can be accessed via a spacious central zone, which, in addition to the access facilities also provides space for unofficial functions. The individual functions have been appropriately aligned and linked together in a wide range of different ways. The differentiation between public areas and those not designed to accommodate many visitors, is an important factor.


Gröbenzell, Germany


Gemeinde Gröbenzell


Behnisch Architekten, München


6.937 qm / 74,670 sq.ft.


15.848 cbm / 559,672 cu.ft.


2016, 1st prize