Constance, Germany

In the year 2015, the Schwaketenbad which was first been built in 1979/80 as a public sports and leisure swimming center in the district of Wollmatingen, was almost completely destroyed by a large fire. It was then decided to create modern, user-oriented and forward-looking new swimming baths which would take a range of different considerations into account such as an increase in water area and attractions, optimization of functional synergies of different user units as well as the opportunity to broaden the gastronomic offering with an emphasis on quality.

Its charming location on the edge of the town, with the Schwaketen- and Mainauwald forests bordering it in the north and the Mühlenbach river and Schwaketenstraße in the south is a key characteristic of the plot. So the aim was not to build a solitary architectural structure, but rather to create a lively, transparent and open landscape of pools that would be carefully tailored to this location and blend in harmoniously with its predominantly natural surroundings and also to link the indoor pools with the exterior areas in the best possible way. In addition to keeping distances short, the creation of a playful transition between the Schwaktenbad and the Mainauwald, the preservation of the existing trees and retaining options for future expansion were also important considerations in the design.


Constance, Germany


Behnisch Architekten, Stuttgart


8.472 qm / 91,193 sq.ft.


2016, 1st prize